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Local Professional Advice

How do your fees work?

Our fees vary depending on the service or type of purchase and the laws in your state. When it comes to the courses if they are paid in full or you go for outside funding then you get a discount and save and this service is a pay and done, our loan officers have fees which are disclosed along with our credit repair options when renting your deposit will be double the monthly rent and if pets will be allowed a deposit will be assessed for cleanup, when purchasing a home these will be in the contract just like in renting.

Can you guarantee me a successful sale?

In life only two things can be guaranteed if you are asking this, that you will be born and that you will die? beyond this nothing is 100% but our goal is to help you to gain your desired residence so we can usually be very successful in closing.

How many homes should I look at before I make a purchasing decision?

The number of homes you should look at varies. First, you should decide on what you would want, rent, or buy and things like how many rooms, bathrooms, etc, Then figure out the price and if buying get prequalified for a loan so you can know what you will have available, then look at the homes in the area that fit the qualities you wish and need until you find one that is also in the right price range too.

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